Fire Ant Festival
9 Oct 04

We arrived at the Marshall town square at 10 minutes to 8 and proceeded to the "Fire Ant Tour" sign in. Got signed in and got my T-Shirt and bag of goodies, water bottle, hand towel, chap stick, etc..

I proceeded to the start line where I ran into Terry, who I met the week before at our Courthouse ride, and C L Friend, from Arkansas, who I know from the old days.

The weather at the start is pretty nasty, misty, breezy and threatening, but as we start riding the weather improves slightly. There's not much rain but the wind is a factor on the last 15 miles. They had 62, 45, 30 and 10 mile routes, I rode the 30 on my Mountain bike. Fireant hill comes about 20 miles into the ride and it's a good one, I thought that it was the last big hill, wrong, a couple more good ones before the finish. It seems there's always more uphill than downhill, it's a wonder you ever get to the finish.

The ride organizers did a fine job considering the circumstances, by the time the last riders were in it was misting again and rather nasty but most folks hung around for the drawing for the bicycle, I needed it, but no luck, nice Trek bike.

In all there was 100 riders, a good turnout considering the weather, probably lost a few "Fair Weather Riders", but all in all a good time.

After putting my bike in the truck we took a walk around the square to look at all the booths. Teresa was a good quide since she had toured it thoroughly while I was riding, she knew where to get Free T-Shirts, free water and magnets, but no free food. At these fairs you know the food ain't free and ain't all that great, but I just can't resist the smell of those fried onions.

Considering the weather we had a good time and I enjoyed the ride and seeing old friends.